Framing for Canvas Prints


I offer high quality, professional framing for my prints through Simply Framed. Each print is sent to their offices where it is custom-framed according to your specifications, and then shipped directly to you.

Frame Styles

Traditional Style: The canvas print is matted and framed behind low-glare acrylic. Available in all frame colors.

Vintage Style: The canvas print is framed directly in the frame, with no mat or glass, to look like an original painting. The canvas prints are coated with a UV protective coating so your print will remain safe from fading. Only available in Gold or Black & Gold frame colors.


The default mat widths for Traditional Style framing are below, but if you would like a smaller or wider mat, just add a note to your order and I will be happy to accommodate you!

5x7" print: 1.5" wide mat

6x8" print: 1.5" wide mat

8x8" print: 1.5" wide mat

8x10" print: 1.5" wide mat


12x12" print: 2" wide mat

11x14" print: 2" wide mat

16x16" print: 2.5" wide mat

16x20" print: 2.5" wide mat

18x24" print: 2.5" wide mat

24x24" print: 3" wide mat

24x30" print: 3" wide mat

24x36" print: 3" wide mat




Sizes are approximate. Sizes are based on the default mat sizes and the widest size frame width offered, so thinner frames may be slightly smaller but within an inch or so of the sizes listed.

Traditional Style:

5x7" print: 10x12" framed

6x8" print: 11x13" framed

8x8" print: 13x13" framed

8x10" print: 13x15" framed

11x14" print: 17x20" framed

12x12" print: 18x18" framed

16x16" print: 23x23" framed

16x20" print: 23x27" framed

18x24" print: 25x31" framed

24x24" print: 32x32" framed

24x30" print: 32x38" framed

24x36" print: 32x44" framed


Vintage Style:

5x7" print: 7x9" framed

6x8" print: 8x10" framed

8x8" print: 10x10" framed

8x10" print: 10x12" framed


11x14" print: 13x16" framed

12x12" print: 14x14" framed

16x16" print: 18x18" framed

16x20" print: 18x22" framed

18x24" print: 20x26" framed

24x24" print: 26x26" framed

24x30" print: 26x32" framed

24x36" print: 26x38" framed