bas relief

Cast paper reproductions of original bas relief sculptures

the Inspiration

These bas relief casts are inspired by beautiful paper artwork I saw in a teeny tiny shop in Venice I wandered into over a decade ago. Obviously this shop made quite an impression because I still remember it in vivid detail! It was filled with handmade paper, including lots of cast paper pieces of antique bas relief sculptures. There were pairs of white cotton gloves hanging on a line and I was told I could touch anything I liked as long as I had the gloves on. I was too broke to buy more than one piece at the time, and this was so long ago my international phone couldn't even take photos yet, but even without much to remember it by I have often thought of this magical little place over the years.





the Process

Each piece is made to order, by hand.

Originally, I made a sculpture in clay, which I then cast a silicone mold of (with a plaster outer shell to support the silicone).

To make the casts, I mix cotton linter fiber with water and press it into the mold, pressing out as much water as possible in the process.

Then the molds are left to dry for several days, when I can pop the paper cast out. Then the cast dries another several days outside of the mold.

When I'm confident it's fully dry, the cast is framed in a glass shadow box.

The effect is subtle, delicate, and classic. These pieces have a timeless beauty to them, and are unlike anything else you can find.