new drawings:
the Spring 2024 Collection


Thursday, May 23rd



My first collection of figure drawings in a looooong time, this series is focused on the flesh. Each piece is made with graphite pencil and graphite powder on archival Arches drawing paper.

I've been really taking my time with each drawing in this series, focusing on softness, subtlety, and diffuse mark making. I used brushes, pencils, blenders, and towels to push and pull the graphite powder until the form of the body emerged on the page.

This intimate method of working requires many layers of lifting out highlights and laying in shadows, again and again, until the shape is perfect. It's such a meditative and peaceful process, almost like washing or scrubbing the image into the paper.

I'm particularly excited to be working on the figure again, because it has always felt like a direct connection to the divine for me. The process of spending so much time carefully observing the details of our physical humanity feels like an act of reverence and is a true joy.



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